Preschool - Daily Schedule & Curriculum

Preschool - Daily Schedule & Curriculum
Preschool Daily Schedule
Morning (AM) Afternoon (PM)
 6:00 - 8:00     Self-Selected Activities 12:00     Lunch
 8:00     Breakfast 12:30     Individual Stories on Cots
 8:30     Circle Time
            Stories & Songs
12:45     Rest Time 
 8:50     Planning  2:45     Bathroom
             Fine-Motor Table Activities
 9:00     Work Time / Play  3:00     Snack
 9:45     Clean-up  3:30     Afternoon Stories
 9:55     Recall  3:45     Music
 10:00     Bathroom  4:00     Movement
 10:10     Snack  4:15 - 6:00    Outside Play
                      Self-Selected Activities
 10:30     Bible Story  
 10:45     Small Group  
 11:00     Outside Play  
 11:50     Bathroom  


The preschool room uses a High/Scope curriculum to teach new concepts.  This curriculum uses daily, developmental experiences that the children will eventually master.  The activites are deisgned to be hands-on, with the teacher acting as a guide to the learning.  The purpose of each activity is the process, not the end product.

Each week we aim to teach an activity in each of the following subject areas:  math, science, literacy, and art.  These are done through simple activities so that the children gradually master them.

Many of these experiences are just that, experiences.  Therefore, many activities do not go home with the children.  To keep parents informed of what their child has done throughout the week a newsletter is sent home telling what the children accomplished throughout the week.