Infants - Daily Schedule & Curriculum

Infants - Daily Schedule & Curriculum



  • Parents/guardians must provide a feeding schedule for their child. Parents/guardians must also provide infant foods and formulas.
  • Formula must be brought in pre-assembled bottles and marked with the child’s name and date - this includes bottle caps. Staff members will keep a record of all food intake. After each feeding, any remaining formula will be discarded.
  • Infants too young to sit in high-chairs will be held or placed in an infant seat for feedings. Bottles will not be propped.
  • Baby or solid foods will be introduced to the child according to the parent’s/guardian’s instructions. They must also be provided by the parents/guardians. These foods will be used or discarded within 36 hours of being opened.


Throughout the day infants experience...


  • Stories
  • Songs
  • Movement
  • Bible Stories
  • Free play

Each of these activities are done individually or with a small group.  Many times the activities are carried out throughout the day as time permits because of the various schedules that each child has. 

By doing these activities individually or with a small group, each child has attention specifically given at his or her own developmental level.  Teachers help to mature each child's own natural development in order to master fundamental skills.