Program Goals

Program Goals


Consistent with its mission and philosophy, Jesus Loves Me Learning Center seeks to carry out the following goals:



Spiritual Growth 

     -- learn that Jesus is their Savior from sin 

     -- learn that Jesus is also their best friend 

     -- learn of God’s love through Bible stories, prayers, and songs 

     -- respond to God’s love in everyday life

Physical Growth

     -- appreciate likenesses and differences in God’s children

     -- observe simple health and safety procedures

     -- develop small and large motor control and coordination

Intellectual Growth

     -- learn that their abilities are gifts from God

     -- practice and enjoy their disposition to learn

     -- make and express choices, plans, and decisions

     -- experience using different materials in many ways

     -- develop their language skills

Social-Emotional Growth

     -- grow in their ability to interact with peers, adults, and their environment

     -- experience success in working and playing individually and cooperatively

     -- grow in Christian love, respect, and empathy


      --  understand that God gives them primary responsibility for nurturing their

      --  understand the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of
            their children

      --  understand the importance of communication between home and child

      --  become involved with their child’s learning through classroom visits and
           daily consultations